Polyplus Line
Standard sheet metal and polycarbonate panels sound absorbing and anti-spill functions

Polyplus, modular perimeter guarding system with cladded sheets, is employed in those cases in which the risk of objects being ejected from within the danger area is higher or whenever the guard is requested to contain sound (sound-absorbing) or hazardous substance spillage maintaining a 90% transparency coefficient.
Panels are obtained from a solid sheet of metal laser-worked and fitted with compact polycarbonate sheets in the rear part. Polycarbonate sheet can be 4,6 or 8 mm thick according to the required mechanical resistance as indicated in the risk analysis regarding ejection of mechanical objects as per ISO 14120.

The compact polycarbonate panels, of variable thickness, moreover, allow Polyplus perimeter-guarding systems to reach a RW level which, although marginally contribute to the reduction of sound propagation from the machine.

The system is built using standard universal frames suitable for all Access guards in order to guarantee interchangeability.

Sheet Metal 15/10 or 20/10, polycarbonate thickness 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm, Tubular frame 20 mm
Available in colour range Ral 1018, 9005, 7035 with anti-reflection powder coating to prevent strobe effects.

This system is CE certified in conformity with Machinery Directive 42/2006, ISO 14120, ISO 13857. It is installed with Meta 1 Line brackets or Screw Fixing System for non-removable guards.

Once mounted, the height of the protection will exceed by 120 cm the distance between the floor n the top of the pannel.
Meta Fixing Brackets Brackets with fittings fixing
Metal Sheet standard - external
Metal Sheet - Internal




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