UNI EN ISO 13857 standard sets new minimum panel heights for most applications to prevent access to danger areas with upper limbs.

In order to optimize the industrial manufacturing plants' performance, by increasing efficiency and decreasing running costs, there is a trend to include an ever greater number of automised work stations in the machinery layout and working process.
Such work stations can be designed for the simple handling of parts or even their shaping and assembly. Whatever the case, either machine or semi-machine, they all need to meet the safety requirements set out in the Machinery Directive 42/2006.

UNI EN ISO 10218 standard introduces new mandatory requirements which includes fencing off of the “Safe Guard Space” using guard fencing panels like the ones manufactured by Access.Yet work stations are commonly placed in very minimal spaces.

Access has decided to introduce a new range of guard fencing panels 2320 mm high, the increased height of which allows for installation closer to the danger area hence saving up to 30% of surface within the “Safe Guard Space”, as well as more general space optimization.

2200 mm modular panels are manufactured both with Quadra 40x40 mesh and Penta 20x100 mm mesh. They are matched to 2320 mm posts and assembled with Meta patented quick fixing systems.
Access products conform with current standards as defined by ISO 14120 and can be installed also in those areas which need to undergo standard maintenance, thanks to its captive screw fixing systems.

Product characteristics
- Panel range: Penta / Quadra
- Mesh 20 x 100 / Mesh 40x40
- Tubular frame 20 x 20 with 20 x 20 transom
- Available in standard colours: RAL 1018, 9005, 7035
- Compatible with Meta bracket systems diameter 40, 60 mm,fixed and adjustable posts

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