When carrying out risk assessments, the manufacturer is compelled to assess the risk of spark or other particle projection through the guard in all of the following cases: industrial robots fitted with metal welding torches, clamps for parts handling or slave automised work stations in line with mandrel machines without on board guarding.
In such cases technical practice suggests the use of guards entirely in metal sheet , as prescribed by UNI EN 953 and set the design fundamentals for adjustments to the coming 14120 standard ready for pubblication.

What follows is a list of key design requirements and a few best practice rules for safe fencing off of the above mentioned machinery. The present analysis will consider merely the mechanic component. The electronic component has been dealt with in former analysis (13839, 14119) and will be dealt with again in the near future. Furthermore, no attention will be given to the fixing systems which, thanks to Meta patented system are guaranteed and conformant for all Access panel types.
Extracted from the UNI EN 953

1.Hazardous substances containment
“If risk of hazardous substance emmissions is expected (for example coolants, fumes, gases,scraps, sparks, hot or melted material, dust), the guard must be designed, as far as possible, to contain such substances”

To limit the need to remove guards, they must be designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum visibility of the working process.

Guards must be designed to carry out their functions effectively and for all the life cycle of the machinery itself, alternatively substitution of deteriorated parts must be kept into account in the design phase.

Support brackets, guard frames and filling materials must be chosen and employed so as to obtain a rigid and stable structure resistant to deformations.

5.Fixing guarantee
Guards or guard parts must be fixed at fixing points with appropriate resistance, spacing and quantity to guarantee full solidity at any predictable load. Fixing can be mechanical or by means of clamps, welded or sealed joints or other suitable means according to application.
6.Strobe effect
Should there be a predictable risk of strobe effect, materials employed should guarantee rmaximum reduction of such an event.

Access has designed Lexan metalsheet systems with the above listed requirements in mind.

- 1,5 a 2 mm metalsheet sized according to the push they are likely to be subjected to.

-Panels are tested to prevent cutting/drilling by passing objects of different dimensions hence meeting the crash test requirements of the coming ISO 14120 standard.

- Panels can be combined with Lexan polycarbonate or equivalent material thickness of which will not be lower than 4mm. As an alternative inattinic polycarbonate can be employed in order to monitor welding process accurately. Both are class 0 fire retardant.

-Optional combination of glass sheets applied to polycarbonate panels to guarantee mechanic processing liquid insulation (see HSE in-depth technical analysis) which may affect life and mechanic qualities of the panels. The special fixing system allows for substitution of the deteriorated sheets without affecting the panel structure throughout the plant's life cycle.

-60 mm posts with reinforced base plate.

-Fixing with anti-vibration pressed-bent edges and foam insulation to guarantee maximum resistance to the inner-outer push. Such a guarantee cannot be attained with self-perforating screws and cantilever glues on the frame.

-Matt epoxy powder coating and textured surface finishing to prevent light rleflection (strobe effect) and possible deception of photocell systems
The sum of all these characteristics, alongside those guaranteed by all Access products, enables achievement of maximum safety level throughout the plant's life cycle with a very limited number of service operations.

As for all Access modular panels, metalsheet systems are designed upon customer's layout and are CE certified. Moreover they can be implemented with the most modern access systems as prescribed by ISO 13849 thanks to Perimetra service.

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