Production processes may require an intensive supervision of production cycles to reduce the occurrence of faulted parts. In such cases, the analysis of the production process must be carried out along with a risk assessment in order to design a guard fencing system which responds to the needs of maximum safety and minimum impact on the production cycle.

Access guard fencing systems are designed and engineered according to the EN 13849-1 and eliminate the possibility of faulted parts as a consequence of an emergency stop.


The production of mechanical components for automotive is one of the eccellence sector of the Italian industry and Is one of the most sensible to the safety theme which are in continuous evolution. We want to take into consideration the aspects correlated to the piston rods production which requires the maximal geometrical precision and the obsessive control of the production cycles. In order to obtain these results there must be a workplace which Standardize itself for cleanness and process safety.

According to the technical praxis on the safety subject “the more the implant is complex, the faster are the response times, the more the safety must be focused on the machinery perimeter”, which remain free to produce without interference but at the same time in consent the staff to closely check the productive process.

In the planning of the access perimetral protection system we had to take in consideration these specific needs, we planned the reopens with a maximal coefficient of transparency and provided with practical systems for the transport of pieces and waste materials.
The production of mechanical parts for the automotive industry is one of the fields of excellence of Italian manufacturing and it is also one of the most sensitive to the ever-changing safety issues. Let's explore all the issues connected to the production of piston rods which requires maximum precision and obsessive control of the production cycles. To achieve such results, the working envsteelment must have high-standard safety and cleanliness processes.

In terms of safety it is a common assumption that ' the more complex the production line, and the faster its response time, more the safety must be moved around the machinery perimeter', so that the machine can run with no interference and simultaneously the operators can supervise the production process with attention.

In this specific case, Access' guard fencing system had to meet these specific requirements by designing guards with a maximum transparency coefficient and practical systems for the transportation of parts and waste.

The production line is formed by several workstations which carry out the various steps in the manufacturing and finishing of the piston rods and are supported by a robot manipulator which loads the parts and moves along a rail 25 metres in length. The finished parts and the waste are downloaded into moving crates at the back of the machine by means of small conveyor belts.
In the broader framework of the 42/2006 Machinery Directive, the safety distances to avoid upper limbs reaching the areas at risk

-UNI 13857:2008 have been defined. Having identified such a risk as the most impending, we measured the
Cartesian robots action range in order to calculate the minimum and maximum height and distance of the guard system.

The guards installed are conformant with the standards in regards to the general requirements for the design and engineering of fixed and mobile guards – UNI EN953; 2009 achieved by installing our CE certified Meta® fixing system.

All accessories have been designed according to the needs connected to this specific production line i.e. To delay door opening to after the entry request, in order to guarantee the completion of the current production cycle and avoid damaging the parts in production. Such a solution was implemented by setting the switches at the maximum level of standard conformant with EN 13849. In this case, we opted for a series of Euchner TP1 sensors fitted with a safety contactor and breakdown exclusion management through a PLD equipped with a solenoid for electromagnetic retention of the actuator until machinery PLC authorises door release.

Upon completion of assembly and testing of commands and switches, Access issued a safety component
CE certification for the guard fencing of the machine which could then be employed in the daily production cycle, having solved the problems connected to faulted parts as a consequence of emergency stops.

Characteristics of the guard fencing system installed
PENTA modular panels with mesh barriers 20x100 mm size 3 mm, panel frame T20; colour black code RAL9005 h 1900mm
Patented Meta Brackets 60x60 conformant with new Machinery Directives 42/2006 colour yellow code RAL018 h 2020mm
Access points with electromagnetic interlocks Euchner TP1 with positive actuator with dual channel contact and solenoid.

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