The guard fencing system implemented in Fiat plant in Brazil is a special Access project.

Fiat has invested 3 billion Reais (about 1.3 billion Euros) for the realization of a new factory in the Portuario di Suape Industrial Complex, in the State of Pernambuco Brazil. The guard fencing system implemented in this plant is a special Access project.
As for all machinery intended for the Brazilian market, Fiat had to install machinery conformant with both the European Machinery Directive 42/2006 and the local ABNT NBR 213 (NR 12) “SEGURANÇA NO TRABALHO EM MÁQUINAS E EQUIPAMENTOS”
We realised that the specific type B standard NBRNM 272 (formerly 13928) “General design principles for fixed and removable guards” reflects the UNI EN 953 and that the two standards do not differ significantly.

This meant it was possible to install a standard standard Access Penta or Quadra system which was ready for delivery directly from our warehouse.

However, in order to guarantee maximum safety coefficient, in Pernambuco as well as in other situations, we designed a range of special customised guards which took into account both Fiat's well established technical specifications and the environmental conditions of this specific plant.
Although the main mandatory requirements by the customer have been respected, it was necessary to carry out some minor modifications to Fiat's technical specifications A 3000 / M55.780469 in order to meet the current regulations. Moreover, the following features were assessed : laying height, running conditions, operators' competence in terms of safety.

Outcome of this work is a fully CE certifiable project with the following special characteristics:
-Resilience,4.0 mm mesh and frame for heavy work and long life
-Easy installation, which takes into account both the length of the fencing system and the lack of experience of local assembly teams
-Captive Screw fixing, in order to obtain CE certification for maintenance areas.
-Double ground plate – extra width for regulation of the posts on irregular surfaces
-Standard Grounding- mandatory in Automotive applications
-FIAT Corporate Blue Colour, Blu RAL 5007
Access has supplied more than 4500 metres of guard fences over a three-month period thanks to the installation of new machinery in the metal works department assigned to the sister company Officine Citterio, and about 150 leaf doors fitted with MGB electro locking systems supplied by our partner Euchner.

Access is the only industrial partner that realizes guards and guard fencing systems entirely upon design.
The new FIAT factory has been conceived to manufacture about 200,000 units a year. At full manufacturing potential it will generate 3,500 direct work placements. The plant will be at the centre of an industrial area which will cover an area of 4.4 million square metres.

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