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Beta Door

Access Porta BETABeta motor operated vertical door, with single or double step, has a light structure for access dimensions up to 2500mm in width and 3500mm in height. The RFID safety limit switch and the sensitive edge installed on the movable panel guarantee maximum safety when operating in areas with running machinery and manage opening and closing of movable protection guards for product loading/unloading operations.

Door sliding is facilitated by an integrated counterbalance system which allows weight unload, and is carried out by cabled linear rails with 5000km run.

During the design phase Access engineers evaluate maximum push load applicable to the movement, machine cycle time and maximum opening speed as per workplace safety requirements in order to manufacture tailor made automatic doors with high quality components which guarantee functionality in time.

This door is supplied in a dedicated packaging along with assembly manuals, components technical sheets and CE declaration of incorporation as “almost machinery” as per current norms and standards.

All special doors are tested before going epoxy coating in order to check suitability of all components and compliance with customer’s requirements. The video recording of all tests remains in the the technical file for further reference.


  • Metalwork structure and sliding roller bearing system fitted with counterbalances
  • Electric cylinder without variable speed stem with position sensors
  • Sensitive edge with control unit
  • Open and closed door safety limit switch RFID (PLE UNI EN ISO 13859)
  • Electrostatic dust coating
  • Expansion plug fixing
  • CE declaration of incorporation as “almost machinery” as per Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
  • Instruction and maintenance manuals
  • Structural calculation


Access Beta Door complies with the following legislation and standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
  • UNI EN ISO 14119
  • UNI EN ISO 14120
  • UNI EN ISO 13859
  • UNI EN ISO 13850
  • UNI EN ISO 13857
  • CEI EN 60204-1



Beta doors are compatible with both framed and frameless guard systems. The door fits a door panel from our RT anti-phalanx range 30x30mm frame and 60x11x3mm mesh. Distance from hazard zone is 20 mm as prescribed by UNI EN ISO 13857 or from our Polycarbonate or Lamiera (metalsheet) range with 0 mm distance from hazard zone as prescribed by UNI EN ISO 13857.


  • Command Panel
  • Special fixing system
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • CEN 60204 Control Panel
  • Signalling lamps


  • Welded base
  • 80×60 4 M12x110 galvanized steel mechanic plugs
  • PLATE SIZE: 100x150mm
  • THICKNESS: 15mm


Other colours available upon request