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Accessafe Applicazione Taylor Made per la segregazione di un Magazzino Automatico

Access’s Projects are Special! Case-study of a tailor-made application for the segregation of an automated warehouse

Accessafe projects are Special! Accessafe technology has been chosen for the segregation of an automated warehouse in Germany

50 linear metres of fencing guards and 4 connected motorized vertical doors implemented to protect a storage and retrieval equipment handling precision mechanical parts.

The greatest challenge of this project was to design and produce motorized movable guards at the required height of 4 metres which were realized with special increased section base plates and extra-sturdy panels to guarantee maximum stability to the structure even at high-speed opening. Doors fully passed the compulsory trial test at our factory to guarantee the correct functioning of all components as required by type C standard EN 528/2008 “Safety requirements for storage and retrieval equipment”.

Our customer chose our Penta system panels for area segregation combined with our patented fixing system Meta 1,the most popular system thanks to its simple assembly and reduced installation time even for non-standard production lines.

Access’s strength is to embed safety in the productivity equation of current automated material handling systems.

Access's product range for material handling systems includes ready-for-delivery anti-collapse systems, mesh racks for shelves and guards.

The Accessafe product catalogue dedicated to the logistics sector also includes anti-fall systems, mesh shelving and physical protection with stock ready delivery.

A dedicated team of professionals is ready to support you for any new project!

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