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Siemens sceglie Access per la protezione di un impianto

Germany does not often choose made in Italy products for people and material safety

Siemens has chosen Access for the protection of a production line employed in the packaging of cosmetics in the industrial area of Karlsruhe.

Siemens has chosen Access for the protection of a production line employed in the packaging of cosmetics in the industrial area of Karlsruhe, built over an area of 37.000 sqm and able to handle up to 12000 packages each shift.

The extraordinary assembly speed of Meta1 patented systems made it possible to complete installation in the month of August thanks to the new kits to fix trhe system to special surfaces thus guaranteeing both aesthetic efficiency and the safety standards outlined in the European Machinery Directive 42/2006 and the C type standard EN 528/2008 “Safety requirements for storage and retrieval equipment”.

Access points were fitted with kits equipped with mechanical locks with different coded keys, fast evacuation systems, access control system and a universal passe-partout key for fire fighters.

The lay-out included a hand-operated door with assisted opening with an entirely customized design according to the quality criteria unique to Access’s tailor-made production.

 Access - Products for the safety of people and goods

For the area segregation we employed Penta guard fencing system, Meta1 patented fixing system with a welded DBS base-plate, access points were equipped with single and double leaf doors and special customized hand-operated guilottine doors.

This is our customer’s comment:

“Access has proven to be a reliable supplier for Siemens over the years and relations have strengthened with time. The choice of Access’s mesh panels for our automated warehouse and material handling system is the result of a number of reasons common to other integrating guard systems in our plant.

  • Full definition, during our project development, of fencing guard installation layout (3D rendering, details of fitted components);
  • Possibility to define tailor-made components;
  • Easy assembly and installation;
  • Appropriate integration with Siemens’s safety sensors for access control.

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