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<h3><em>Cookies and other tracking systems</em></h3>
Access s.r.l.’s website collects data regarding the user, their preferences, their Internet access devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and this data is used mainly to adjust website functioning to the user’s expectations by offering a better navigation experience and to send personalised promotional messages.
Moreover, as the navigation progresses, the user automatically consents to the use of cookies as described in the present statement.
Without prejudice to the above, our website and our on-line services use the following categories of cookies:
<h3><em>Essential Cookies</em></h3>
These cookies are essential for the correct running of our website and to use and/or improve the various requested functions and/or services. Without these cookies, it would be impossible to manage and automatize, for sake of example, user identification, access to the user’s account on the website, the content of the cart for on-line purchases, digital invoicing, on-line order processing.
<h3><em>Analysis Cookies </em></h3>
These cookies allow as to optimise our website by monitoring and analysing users’ behaviours, creating their profiles in order in make improvements to the website and make navigation easier.
For example, analysis cookies can help us track which pages are more frequently visited, identify the user’s preferences, which products have already been viewed to avoid repetition, to see if the ads published on the website are effective or not, if and which difficulties the user may face when using the website.

In order to analyses the ways in which our website is used, Access s.r.l. also uses the web analysis service “Google Analytics” provided by Google (<a href=““></a>).

Further information regarding Google Analytics service and the procedures to follow to disable cookies can be found at the following links:
<a href=““></a>
<a href=““></a>

Such data does not allow to identify the user personally: all collected data is aggregated and as such is anonymous.

Some of the data collected regarding browser and user during the session includes:
<li>All cookies added by Google in the last 6 months,</li>
<li>How many clicks you have made on a specific window with your mouse (or how many touches with a touch device),</li>
<li>CSS information for that page,</li>
<li>Set language for browser,</li>
<li>Any plug-in installed in the browser,</li>
<li>All Javascript objects</li>
<em>Advertising Cookies and behavioural advertising cookies</em> – Access s.r.l. uses these cookies to collect data regarding user’s web-usage habits and preferences in order to develop a specific profile to customise the purchasing proposals, to carry out market research or on-line sales surveys.

Users can decide to refuse this category of cookies using the opt-out tool on the browser’s setting page, or following the steps which follow.

<em>Refuse cookies</em> – Users can refuse to accept all or some of the cookies used by this website at any time.
<li><strong><em>Marketing </em>C<em>ookies management </em></strong> – The user can set their own choices regarding the use or non-use of our cookies with a marketing purpose by using the “Cookies consent management” form. This form will not appear in services which only use technical cookies.
Should a user choose to disable use of our profiling cookies, they will prevent later memorisation of further cookies of ours,  whilst the cookies previously installed on the user’s device will keep on being used on that same device.
Should the user wish to erase all the cookies present on their device, all they need to do is to simply select the setting on their browser which allows to refuse them.
Each browser has specific configuration instructions. Further information regarding the procedures to follow to disable cookies can be found on the browser provider website.
Google Chrome: <a href=““></a>
Mozilla Firefox: <a href=““></a>
Internet Explorer: <a href=““></a>
Apple Safari: <a href=“″></a></li>
<li><strong><em>Google Analytics Management</em> </strong>– To disable only Google Analytics cookies, the user can use the extra component Google makes available at the link below to view Google’s opt-out procedure  <a href=““></a></li>
<li><strong><em>Third party Targeting and Advertising cookies Management</em></strong>– For further information and/or to disable Targeting and Advertising cookies, we invite the user to visit the following website: <a href=““></a>.</li>
Without prejudice to all the above, it can be observed that when cookies have been disabled, it is still possible to use some parts of our websites, but some service may not be available.
All the data here described will be processed solely for the above mentioned purposes and can be communicated to controlled or controlling companies, nassociated or otherwise connected companies.