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Access La sicurezza funzionale per l’adeguamento di una linea presse ad iniezione per stampi termoplastici

Perimetra functional safety for upgrading an injection moulding line for thermoplastic moulds

Industria Bergamasca Mobili S.p.A. , ISO 9001 and  ISO TS16949 certified,  works in the field of injection moulding of plastic materials and employs advanced technologies both in its moulding process (for example with RHCM) and in the automation of the production lines.

Access was appointed the task to develop a project to guarantee the functional safety of 9 injection presses for thermoplastic moulds which had to include automation of unloading.

Once received the risk analysis drafted by the customer and the ESR (Essential Safety Requirements), Access Engineers developed the protection layout in conformity with the harmonized standards which also included the project for access control for the acquired PLr as per specific standard requirement set by UNI EN ISO 13849:2016.

Access delivered the entire turnkey project only 3 weeks after design approval:


  • Penta Guard Fencing System, 20 x 100 mm mesh ,2520 mm height combined with  Meta 1 Fixing Brackets  60×60 mm section

  • N.1 controlled access by means of a FG60 sensor in the Clo.Sys lock combined with a FR992 micro-switch in order to achieve  PLd.

Mechanical component assembly 

  • Assembly of guard fencing panels and access control system

Laying and cabling of implemented parts

  • Wire and cable sleeving, sensor connection and interfacing
  • Control Electrical Cabinet
  • N.1 signal light

Functional tests and documentation release

Upon installation termination, functional tests were carried out in the presence of plant manufacturer and BM SpA operators in order to release the following documentation:

  • Certification
  • User and Maintenance Manuals
  • Technical Data Sheets and Electrical layouts

The above mentioned documentation was essential for the plant user to achieve CE marking for the complete line.

Injection moulding machine line access project for thermoplastic moulds

Electro-locking system with access request management

Access injection moulding machine line for thermoplastic moulds

Falling parts prevention protection system in operator area

Injection moulding machine line access project for thermoplastic moulds

Penta guard fencing  20×100 mesh
Meta 1 fixing brackets  60×60 section with captive screw as per EN ISO 14120 

Executive design of the system

Access Executive system design

In-depth analysis by  Marco Vaccarone
CMSE® Certified Machinery Safety Expert follows below

„This project needed use to fence-off an automatic manipulator acting as a vacuum Pick-and-Place device at low speed, due to product fragility, of 250 mm/sec and 5 pcs/hour.
Such features allowed us to manage part-exit opening on a conveyor belt and as residual risk apply dedicated notices (92/58/CEE Directive) which would inform operators about the eventual risks of mounting the belt. By doing so we delivered a safe solution without having to apply photo-electric barriers.“

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