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Modularity, light-weight, easy assembly are the main features of our extruded aluminium profiles and of all other material we use to guarantee safety, functionality and aesthetics of the machinery.

Accessafe wide range of different types of high quality extruded aluminium profile provides personalised solutions to meet all and any industrial need: on-board machine safety guards, collaborative robotics and automated machinery enclosures, conveyor belt and kan-ban systems – which are fitted with all the special accessories for a great variety of applications.

Our offer is completed with our technical office speciality in 3D designing and manufacturing of solutions in conformity with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and harmonised standards.

The entire production process is carried out at our factory to guarantee best quality control.


Accessafe on-board safety guards are designed by our Technical Office with the goal to provide the best safety guards including those for complex plants which are conformant with the Machinery Directive 42/2006/CE and harmonised standards, and which also optimise plant productivity by simplifying possible modification operations during the machine life cycle, particularly in cases of automated handling and assembly systems.
Le protezioni bordo macchina Accessafe sono progettate dal nostro Ufficio Tecnico
Le protezioni bordo macchina Access


Collaborative robotics has been a growing trend in recent years. Accessafe manufactures support structures for standard and customised robots by providing a complete modular system which caters for all needs.
Accessafe - La robotica collaborativa è un trend in crescita da diversi anni
La robotica collaborativa è un trend in crescita - Access


Perimetral and modular aluminium safety guards for machinery and production lines of all industrial fields with a high level of aesthetics and realisation in extruded aluminium and a variety of panels: mesh, polycarbonate, acrylic, layered glass, anodized aluminium metal-sheet or aluminium panels, composite PVC.
Protezioni perimetrali e modulari in alluminio di Access
Protezioni perimetrali e modulari in alluminio Access


Accessafe modular conveyor aluminium belts are the ideal solution to improve the efficiency of production lines in manufacturing, packaging, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Accessafe conveyor belts facilitate assembly or fast and optimised transportation of products. All Accessafe conveyor belts are designed and manufactured to meet customer needs.
I nastri trasportatori modulari Access
I nastri trasportatori modulari Accessafe in alluminio


To complete the range of aluminium products, Accessafe designs and manufactures customised solutions like stairs/ladders, gangways, work benches, sound proof frames and guards.
Accessafe sviluppa soluzioni custom come scale
Accessafe sviluppa soluzioni custom come scale e passerelle


View and download more than 8000 Accessafe 3D products from Traceparts and create your personalised libraries to purchase your project directly by importing it in myaccess e-commerce.
Design and configure the layouts of your safety guards with Guarda following simple and standardised procedures to list the products you can then upload and by in myaccess e-commerce.


Select and purchase the products you need or upload your project in myaccess e-commmerce where you will find the cart to send your order and receive immediate confirmation with your dedicated sales terms.
To save precious time and simplify do-it-yourself assembly, you can download assembly instructions for each Accessafe product.
All our safety guard systems are CE certified and have been designed and manufactured in conformity with UNI EN ISO 14120:2015, UNI EN ISO 13857:2020 – TUV NORD standards. Accessafe is the only company worldwide to have a welding certification conformant with UNI EN ISO 3834-3 – ICIM.
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