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Improving workplace safety

Established in 2007 as a start-up by a team of young technicians with expertise in safety and mechanics applied to machinery, Access covers a production surface of 4000 square metres of which 2000 square metres are used as stock to guarantee quick delivery.

Access employs modern manufacturing technologies based on maximum flexibility to customize their products to the needs of their 3000 contacts.

Access produces 25000 panels and relative frames per year and can supervise the entire production cycle from panel electro-welding to surface coating treatments.
Villa San Francesco,
Home of safety.

Inaugurated in 2014, Villa San Francesco – the Safety Hub – is Acess R&D laboratory for the research and development of safety solutions applied to machines. 

Villa San Francesco is a new concept of working environment, conceived as a cozy home to inspire ideas and creativity.

It hosts an archive of 10000 guard fencing projects applied to any named industrial machinery sector, it is provided with software for the most advanced mechanical design and a laboratory to test materials and electronic components.
For Access Quality is not only about process certification but more importantly about designing and manufacturing systems which are compatible with every day use in the harshest of conditions which last in time.

Access s.r.l.

Via Provinciale 56, n. 56
23878 Verderio (LC)

via San Francesco d'Assisi, n. 16
23899 Robbiate (Lc)

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