Inox System
Guard fencing and protection systems for machinery employed in food and chemical industries

Our Guard fencing system for machinery employed in the food industry and the chemical industry is realised using Stainless Steel and materials which are long-lasting, cleanable, disinfectable, fissure-free, splint-free and rough-ends free.

This system has been designed in compliance with standard UNI EN 1672 in order to seek the ever better compromise between hygiene requirements and operator safety issues.

Access' catalogue offers two solutions which have been designed for the SPLASH Area type SH and NO FOOD Area type NF. Both solutions integrate the requirements in terms of hygiene risk and machinery risk prevention as outlined in the following standards: UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN ISO 13857 and ISO 14120.

Splash Area type SH
Panels and poles can be completely dissasembled and are cleanable. The panel mesh can be removed from frame and is interchangeable, mesh prevents finger trapping, surfaces are rounded off and have no rough ends or irregularities.

No Food Area type NF
Cleanable panels and poles, not interchangeable mesh fixed to frame, standard mesh, surfaces with rough ends and irregularities

Access is able to carry out assessments of the most complex situations and carry out modifications during implementation in order to guarantee a perfect running of the guards, such a service is achieved through the interaction of the technical staff at our premises and the expert assembly team on-site.

Once mounted, the height of the protection will exceed by 120 cm the distance between the floor n the top of the pannel.
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