UNI EN ISO 12100

UNI EN ISO 12100

UNI EN ISO 12100 Safety of machinery, general principles for design, is the most important harmonised standard for the design of machinery safety conformant with the Machinery Directive. As regards to safety guards choice, the relevant standard of reference should be ISO 14120 and not, as more commonly refered to on the market, UNI EN 953, which,although needed, is not sufficient as the following extract explains:

In effect, these two standards differ greatly, first of all because ISO 14120  has a wider international coverage which includes 193 countries whereas the UNI EN standard applies only to Europe and affiliated countries, and also because the  14120  adds the following requirements to the 953 standard:
• Crash test 90 kN at 1,6 m/sec for impacts from outside the protection area
• Crash test 1800 kN with a pendulum test which impacts at 2/3 of the protection's 
   total height.  
• Sharp reduction of maximum time per year dedidcated to special maintenance, service and repair operation which therefore calls for the need to use captive screw fixing systems (type  Meta)
The development, engineering and certification of a guard manufactured respecting all requirements impacts greatly on the costs of companies like ours who want to be a credible partner. 
The attempt to bypass such requirements by putting smart products on the market which trickily quote only  the  953 standard, and therefore are clearly non conformant, leads the manufacturer or their customer to be liable in case of injuries. 
 Access panel systems  with patented  Meta  brackets integratedi with the appropriate  14120 KIT  meet all standard requirements and have been properly tested for expected loads.
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