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Clearances between floor and guard fencing systems must be compliant with those required by chart 7, in norm UNI EN ISO 13857:2008 (attachment V) and by chart 4, in norm UNI EN ISO 13857:2008 (attachment IV). Upper and lower limbs must be prevented from reaching danger zones through accesses between fences and flooring surface.

Even if there aren’t dangers to be reached with arms and legs, the clearance between fences and floor must prevent the entire body from entering the protected areas – that is not exceeding 180 mm in compliance with chart 7, in norm UNI EN ISO 13857:2008 (attachment V).
Why does Access manufacture fences 120 mm from the floor?

It is now a habit among international manufacturer, but there is a precise reference in norm UNI EN 949 (Machinery Safety – Minimum clearances to avoid crushing hazards) defining minimum clearances to prevent crushing hazards, which should be 120 mm from the floor.

Access takes into account the possibility of a layout with installation of both fixed and moving guards and decides to align the standard modules at the most disadvantageous condition possible.
This is why Access manufactures and sells around the world functionally and aesthetically valid fences with 120 mm clearance from the floor.

If protections need to be stretched down to the floor, Access standard transformation kit is available.

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